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To empower poorest and vulnerable communities to deal with their own resources and practices, for seeking sustainable livelihood, quality education, improved health, hygiene and adequate nutrition to all, especially women and children for a dignified living.

GMKS strives for a vibrant and prosperous tribal society in which people can develop their own capabilities and manage resources to cater larger needs of the sustainable development process.

GMKS is also focusing for the sustainable livelihood of small farmers through low gestation small orchards of lemon and mango plantations, etc. The Horticulture cum Forestry program 'WADI' is being implemented in the Sagwara block of the Dungarpur district. The program makes possible to change the socio-economic rehabilitation of poor rural families through the better use of land into productive assets by plantation of fruit and forest trees. The GMKS is working with the tribal families on Wadi program.


In this sequence total 315 families had planted 4665 mangoes and 7775 lemon plants along with the 31100 social forestry plants under the Wadi project. Each wadi is of half acre land. The families have been supported through fertilizer, agriculture equipment, demonstration of mixed cropping, kitchen garden etc. as after care, pesticides, tree guards, pitchers are also provided during the year. The beneficiaries were also given training on pre & post plantation along with the training on as per the need for regular improvement in the Wadi development.

To solve the problem of irrigation of these Wadi's pipe-line of HDP pipe of 8400 meter length has also been developed, which have covered 350 families covering 525 acre land under irrigation.

Kitchen Garden

GMKS have supported the development of 250 kitchen garden during the past years and this years it has supported 200 more kitchen garden for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit trees. Kitchen garden have been very important in filling the nutrition gap in the families and also earn small amounts by selling the vegetable which is extra after the consumption of the family.


Dharamitra (A friend of soil) is the centre started in the year 2000 with a small number of dry fields, miniature budget and a few fervent members. It's grown into a 16 acre consisting of units of organic farming, dairy development, and trainings& outreach activities. Now the centre is becoming a base of knowledge for small and marginal farmers of the Bhomat region. GMKS provides the knowledge about organic farming to small and marginal farmers. This is an effort to promote sustainable agriculture and revive traditional agricultural practices in its working region. 8 Trainings, 3 workshops and 2 demo were organized on organic farming and also experts are invited for sharing their experiences. Small and marginal farmers learn from these trainings and exposures and then replicate the best practices in their fields. This year it has benefited more than 350 small and marginal farmers. Main aim of the center to spread knowledge about the dangerous effects of chemical fertilizers and spread message to revive forgotten traditional agriculture systems through organic agriculture practices.

GMKS put more emphasized on organic farming because it minimizes the dependency on chemical inputs thus safeguard and also improves quality of resources and environment. It is labour intensive and provides an opportunity to increase rural employment or decrease migration and achieve long term improvement in the quality of resource base in the Bhomat region.


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